Perpetual Notes

Write beautifully. Organize easily. Find everything.

Take notes faster. Find information easily. Save notes in RTF with rich text formatting and images, meeting notes, web pages, projects, travel plan, research drafts - with Perpetual Notes as your note taking app, have fun with note taking again. Runs on Windows 7/8/10/11.


Latest version is 3.75, requires .NET 4.7.2

In case of any problem, please download previous version or .NET 3.5 version

Our Fuss Free Writing Philosophy

Your notes are yours. No sign up needed.
Notes are stored in open source (RTF) format.
You choose your cloud integration platform.
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Perpetual Notes is FREE to use!

Use it in your home or work. Never have to pay a penny.
Remember everything

Remember everything important

A single place for your notes, ideas, lists etc. Perpetual Notes offers many features of a word processor but faster with integrated search across all notes.
Graphic illustration of multiple windows, depicting Perpetual Notes accessibility from multiple devices

Open source notes format

RTF format readable by many apps. It supports bold, italics, bullets, tables etc. as well as images. Text, CSV and markdown are also supported.
cloud backup

Open cloud integration

You choose your own cloud platform in case you want to sync notes across devices.

Popular Features

Designed for productivity
All notes at one place
Beautiful fonts
Beautiful fonts
filetype RTF
insert images
Insert images
document search
Integrated fast search

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